What services do you offer?    At Precision Spray Painting we offer all area’s of spray painting needs.

  • This includes all form of automotive refinishing, Insurance work & crash repair, touch up and repaints, on cars, trucks, horse floats, house bus, moter bikes, boats.
  • We recently added paint and panel and collision repair services so we can take car of all of your automotive needs.
  • We also spray kitchen furniture, house interior doors, old school bath tubs,  If it can be spray painted we can do it.

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How long does it take?  Depending on the job type and work required times can vary. For repaints it can take from 2 to 3 weeks, touch up depending on area can be one to three days, kitchen furniture 1 week house door 3 to 5 days. Your best bet is to get a free quote – that way we can figure out how much work is involved and advise you on the time length of your particular job

How much do they cost?  This also varies on the type of job. We suggest that you come into the work shop so we can offer our professional advice and  a free quote.

How do I get a quote? Just come on into our work shop located in the central city district, 64 Wilson Street Wanganui or call us on (06) 3459449 and we can arange a time for myself to drive out and see you.