Rust Repair & Removal

We all know rust can be a killer on cars, I always say that Rust is like an ice burg 10% you can see and the other 90% you can’t. Rust usually starts in the areas we don’t see everyday, like the boot, underneath the car and so come warrant time you get a lovely surprise of a failed warrant or a warming of rust appearing, that where we come in.

How does the rust removal and repair process work?

  1. Come in and see us for an estimate on repairing your rust. Rust can be tricky to asses as the part you can see is more than likely not the start of it so we are unable to give you an exact quote that is why it will only be an estimate.
  2. If you except the estimate we can arrange a time that suits you to repair it.
  3. If we start the job and find more rust we will inform you and talk to you about your options.
  4. We will ring you and let you know your car is ready for pick up, we will also email the invoice to you.
  5. You pick up and pay for your car.

F.A.Q – some commons questions from our past customers

What is the time Frame?

A time frame depends on the amount of work in the shop and the extent of the rust work, we can advice you on time frames during the risk free quoting process… more on that here…

Can I pay it off?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide a payment plan and require a full payment at the time of pick up. We have eftpos available or a bank deposit can be made before hand, we can also take cheque or money.

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