Is your paint faded or dull? Mismatched? or peeling and flaking? It might be time for a repaint. We do all forms of vehicle refinishing and custom paint jobs to leaving your wheels looking like new.

People always ask “How much to repaint my car?” This is a hard question to answer as there a lot of factors that will differ the price from job to job. It all depends on the condition of the car (or object), the paint and the work involved.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself…..

Do i want to change the colour?

If we change the colour, Do you want inside the doors, door jams, under the bonnet and so on done as well? Or would you just like the outside of the car done?

What kind of job do I want done?

  • Do you want just a quick panel mask and paint?
  • Do you want parts removed eg bumpers,lights, door handles and mouldings?
  • Do I want showroom finish?

What kind of paint do I want?

We can use a slightly cheaper paint if you just want a cheaper but god quality job or would you prefer our top of the range paint.

What type of repaints can we help you with:

  • Motor vehicles all types and sizes e.g. cars, vans, camper vans
  • Bodykits
  • Mag wheels
  • Motor bikes
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Along with Furniture from metal to cane and toys… but more on those here…

So as you can see it is a bit tricky to just have a set price for repaints due to all these factors contributing to the finished product. The best way to find out is to drop in and see us, that way we can discuss your options and hear your thoughts to come up with a solution you are happy with.

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