Paint and Panel And The Insurance Process.

194So your car is a looking a little worse for wear and you need a paint and panel shop to get your ride looking it’s best again. But your not sure how it works…

Never fear! We deal with insurance jobs everyday and have you covere and can take the stress out of the process for you.

FIRST STEP # Come in an see us

Just pop in and see us and we guide you through the the Insurance process and get you back on the road in style in no time.

SECOND STEP # Let us photograph your ride.

We will take the all of the images that the Insurance company require. We do this everyday so we know exactly what you need (and they want) when you file your claim.

THIRD STEP # We liase with your insurance company

We can ring your Insurance company with you so you can make your claim and explain to your Insurance company that we have taken images and that you would like us to complete your repair. If the job means ordering in parts for your car we get quotes on those parts (which takes 1 – 3 days).

FOURTH STEP # We send the estimate to your insurance company

Once we have the prices back we can then send our estimate to the Insurance company for them to OK before work starts.

FOURTH STEP # You book a time that suits and bring your car in.

After they have OK our estimate we will then contact you to arrange a time that suits to complete your repair. The time you are without your vehicle depends on the size of the repair but we normally allow 3 to 4 day to complete repairs. Once your vehicle has being repaired back to per accident condition you can come pick it up your we can arrange delivery if so required.


That’s it – All that is left to do is pick up your shiny like new ride.