Collision Repair

Crashed your car? Car accidents big or small are still frustrating. After all you use your car everyday, and the thought of taking the bus eats massively into your time. We understand that you need your car fixed fast, and without breaking the bank.

That is why we offer Panel beating and Re-Painting services to get your car back in tip top shape (like before your accident. Services Available include: Collisions Repairs, Frame and Bodywork, Painting & Refinishing.

Why choose us:

  • We deal with the insurance company and organise photos and quotes so you can focus on recovering from your collision more here…
  • We can organize a loan car while your car is being fixed so you still have wheels.
  • Call us now to Get a free quote or come down and see us

How long does it take?

The time varies on the amount of damage if its small it might only take 1 day, if its big it may take five. We an advise you of timelines during the quoting process.

How does it work?

  • First you come in in and see us and we will help you though making your claim.
  • We will take the required images that the insurance company require.
  • If there are parts required we then send them out on the internet so that the parts suppliers take then quote on them.
  • We send the estimate into the insurance company for them to except.
  • We will then contact you and arrange a suitable time for your repair to be completed.